Some of the campaign’s most important activities take place after the campaign has ended. This is the time to say “thank you” to department, agency, or installation leadership, campaign workers and donors. Recognition and appreciation build morale and a strong foundation for next year’s campaign. The CFC offers a variety of ways to recognize your department, individual offices, campaign workers, and donors.

Earned Awards

Campaign Worker Certificates - All CFC volunteers (Coordinators and Keyworkers) will receive a certificate of appreciation. Download here.

To order printed certificates for your campaign workers, submit the Certificate Request webform by January 31, 2022.

Nominated Awards

All nominations are due January 31, 2022
Agency heads/commanders or campaign workers may nominate individuals or units/agencies/departments for awards. Units/Departments must be a recognized entity under a Federal Agency/Command with its own unit code. Click the name of the award to submit a nomination.

  1. Campaign Hero - A CFC hero is a person who implemented a successful CFC campaign and went above and beyond the call of duty in service to the campaign. The top three nominations will be submitted for the national CFC Hero Award. All campaign workers are eligible to be nominated for CFC Hero.
  2. CFC Champion - Recognizes a Keyworker or volunteer who made the most valuable contribution in their Agency, contributing to the overall success of their Agency's campaign.
  3. CFC Innovator Award - This award is given to the unit/agency/department that implemented the most creative and effective campaign strategy or activity during the 2021 campaign. Innovative activities can be in the areas of: campaign administration/management; marketing; fundraising and incentive efforts; and/or other innovations which display creativity and excellence during the 2021 CFC. Innovative strategies might include initiating new or improved methods of increasing CFC awareness; method used for educating federal employees about the campaign; implementing new technology while promoting the CFC; conducting an innovative CFC activity/event; etc.